Video Store Stickers:Video Express, Santa Rosa California and Video Cafe, Ukiah California

I don't remember this store. They have a pretty basic name honestly. It works though. It implies that you can get your movies on the quick and get out. I dig that but I also like to browse. That's how you find the gems. By digging deep. Still though I dig that sometimes time is of the essence. You just have to get a movie and get home to see it ASAP! I just looked it up. There is currently a tax preparation office in the store front. That's kind of sad.. 

This one is a little interesting. Not really though. I prefer the kind of sticker that goes on the side of the tape. This one covers up the spools so you can't see where you are in the tape length wise. I guess you could always look at the other side...

The name of the place is interesting. The Video Cafe. Do you think that they served food? They must have right? I mean what were they serving up otherwise? Hot VHS Tapes and stuff? I don't know.. Let's see what's in that location now... A catering business. That's cool. They could like also deliver movies and then they could keep the spirit of Video Cafe alive..