My Pics From The Santa Rosa Toy Con 2016

I went to my favorite show of the year this past week. The Santa Rosa Toy and Comic Con. It's always so fun. The best part? It's right here in my hometown. For the most part when we go to shows they are in Sacramento. Sac has a great geek community over there. Anyway, that's like 3 hrs from here.. Irregardless.

This week's episode of The Toys R Us Report which comes out tomorrow is all about the con so I thought I'd toss up my pics so you can get a bigger, broader look at what I'm talking about. So, here you go..

I almost bought this Johnny 5 statue for Iceberg but decided against it. 

I have the Darth Vader one of these. It's in the kitchen near the coffee pot

So this is where all the Rey's are.. 

I love super hero vehicles. Especially ones they didn't really use

I dig on Shogun Warriors. I sold one last year and totally regret it.

I've never seen this before. It's on scale to a Shogun Warrior. I'd love to have em' battle.. 

I really should have bought this..


Never had this. Always wanted it.