Video Store Stickers: Home Video Plus and Top Video Center

I actually used to go to this store. Or at least I think I did. As I recall this is the store that was over where Alpha Electronics is now. I might be totally wrong and I think Alpha Electronics closed which is sad. They've been there forever. 

If this is the store that I think it is they had a cutout standee type thing of a gal in a bikini over by the register, and sometimes they'd put her in a shirt with the name of the store on it and sometimes she'd just be standing there in he swimsuit. I cannot for the life of me remember what the movie that the standee was promoting was. 

In my memories it's that cutout that they had in Major Leagues, the Charlie Sheen movie,  the one of the owner's evil wife that started off in a business suit but got worked down to a bikini, piece by piece as the season moved along and the team kept winning. When I have memories of this store I see that lady standing there but the movie hadn't even come out yet. 

I don't know anything about this store but I do like the logo. It's totally Top Gun. That is so cool and just perfect for the time. I wonder if they had any other merch branded with that type logo? They prolly did. They also sold CDs which is cool. I wonder how the selection was. Prolly alright. This is sort of similar to Blockbuster music or even back when Blockbuster started carrying a lot of music. 

 I did a small bit of research but failed to come up with anything about this store. I did do a street view and saw that the local is an auto shop now. It's a pretty neat building. Take a look. HERE . I can see that as a video store. It's a nice locale. The rent in San Jose is CRAZY EXPENSIVE. If you ever want to have a heart attack look that up sometime..