Video Store Stickers: Silver Screen and New Release Video

I have a bunch of new Video Store Labels and I really need to catch up. I appreciate you guys sending them in. It's really cool of you. If you want to toss me some pics of labels you've seen out in the wild please do so. Hit me up Here!! EMAIL!!!

I like that one up there. It's a grody green/yellow color that really jumps in your face. I wonder how many stores around the country have been called Silver Screen Video? Prolly a lot. I mean, it's a good name right? It makes you straight up think of like HOLLYWOOD and whatnot..

This one is mine, I saw it at the Flea Market the other week. I like it. It also really gets too the point of what they are about. They have New Releases. Don't come here for stock titles and movies that have been out for awhile. We only have new joints. I can dig it. 

New Releases are what people rent for the most part. A good inventory of stock films is a positive though. If someone wants a particular movie you need to have it or else they will think you stink.