A Sectaur Pic I Found On My Phone.. Zac and Bitaur..

I found this pic in my phone a few minutes ago. I don't remember taking it but I do like it. Sectaurs are pretty cool. I should an episode on them. Maybe I will, who knows. They only went one series which is good for me. That makes it all the easier. Less things to cover..LOL. 

A lot of the coolest figure series only went one series. I wonder what's up with that..?

I like the insect that comes along with this guy here. He has some massive teeth and the way that they hang out of his mouth reminds me of Mr. Burns' beloved Hounds.. I dig those dogs. They look both mean and dumb at the same time

If Mr.Burns loves anything in the world it's prolly his hounds. I bet that there TONS of people like that in the world. Dudes that hate all of mankind but fully love their pooches. I'm kind of that way myself but there are some folks that I am fond of so I'm not like all bad just a bit antisocial..