IseeRobots Radio Presents: Return Of The Space Pirates

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Alright dudes. This is it. The Space Pirates are back. This is an action packed half hour of stuff. If you only listen to one episode this year I'd recommend that you check out this one. It's an all out battle in space with The Pirates for control of the station. It features Me, A.B, Iceberg as well as a returning character from the past and introduction of an all new dude that fits in big on The Pooptronics scene. It is not to be missed. Who will live? Who will die? Yes, some folks might not make it. This is is space dudes. People die out here. 

We picked up 2 new Patrons this week! That's always fantastic. The 1st is a long time friend of the show, Mr.Sensational himself, Gino Vega. He and Me go way back so dude, big up to you. The 2nd is a fella that I know from Twitter, he goes by This Guy Games, He goes by @ThisGuyGames over on Twitter. Make sure to give him a follow. Dude RULES!!!! 

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