Jennifer Jason Leigh's Big Screen Debut: Eyes Of A Stranger

Much like we took a look at the 80's work of Diane Lane recently we're now gonna take a look at another 80's gal that I dig. This time it's Jennifer Jason Leigh. I have been a big fan of her work for years. I think she is a great combo of being vulnerable but mixed with a bit of toughness and sometimes craziness. She's great. 

So her 80's start, and her career really start with the 1981 slasher flick, Eyes Of The Stranger. This movie while not really all that awesome is notable for introducing the world to Jennifer Jason as well as featuring some top notch effects work from the legendary Tom Savini of The Romero Zombie Universe of flicks as well as many other awesome things.

Tom Savini Pretty Much Rules.

The film is pretty basic. Its the story of a dude who is calls girls up on the phone and talks all sorts of junk before stalking them and eventually murdering them. What a total creep. The movie is currently sitting at 37% over at Rotten Tomatoes. Snoogins.

Jennifer Jason plays the deaf-mute sister of a local TV Anchorwoman who is also the next up to bat for the heinous serial killer, played by John Disanti. All sorts of hilarity ensues. Not really. It's heinous like a lot of 80's movies are.

The movie is directed by Ken Wiederhorn of who went on to direct a ton of 21 Jump Street episodes! that is such a dope career credit.

I would just about literally do anything to have that on my resume. I mean just about anything short of working hard enough to score a network TV gig.

The movie isn't really all that great but it's not really all that bad either. For a low budget type slasher flick it's alright. There is some gore and a few grody murders and Jennifer Jason is pretty good too.

What really stands out to me is her baby face. She looks SO young. I think that she is was only like 17 or 18 at the time. That sort of makes it scarier when the dude is after her. She's still a kid, being chased by A MURDERER! Yikes.

Anyway, I think next I might skip right to Fast Times At Ridgemont high or I might just lump her next two flicks together. One of them The Best Little Girl In The World has her playing an anorexic cheerleader. That sounds promising..