Breaking News Audio! Plus A Preview Of The Patrons Only Q-Zar Episode! Make Sure To Check This Out!

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Hey guys! It's time! The 1st ever Patron Only Episode has dropped! You wanna get down! Of course you do! It's awesome. It's like an hour of me talking about when I used to work at A Laser-Tag place! It's full of cool tales of offbeat shenanigans and all sorts of Celeb Run-ins and dudes, it's great. Just hop on over to and see what we can do for you for helping us out! 

There are already like 5 Patron Only Episodes over there so make sure to check that all out. It's all available to you for as little as a dollar a month. Of course you can give more if you like and I'd dig it if you did but really, it's the thought that counts! So think about helping out. I'll be your best pal if you do!