The Toys R Us Report Episode 61: Star Wars The Force Awakens

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Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. We have a super fun show ahead of us this week! I really mean it this time. It's super fun. It's all about this awesome move I saw called Star Wars. You might have heard about it. Ya, so I was gonna drop a best of on you guys this week but with the move coming out I don't know how I could have stayed away!

It's a bit of a short show though. We get in, drop a new song and then go right into the Star Wars Talk! I try to be as spoiler free as possible. You should be good to go if you haven't seen the flick but be warned we do review and talk about what we thought.

Basically it's about the new love of my life, Daisy Ridley or her character of Rey. I guess I'm on love with both.

I do try to be spoiler free and feel like I am but dude, if you haven't seen it yet and listen to shows about it you might get ruined. Be careful

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