The Toys R Us Report Episode 55:Ghost Hunting At The Haunted Toys R Us

Happy Halloween kids! This week we have a SUPER AWESOME episode of the show ahead of us. Let's start with the small stuff first. We lead off with a new song from ship DJ Iceberg Thirteen and then move onto a little talk about AMC's hit show, Fear The Walking Dead and then it's At The Movies where we talk about a GREAT movie I saw called Sicario. It was dope.

Then it's on to the Main Event which is sure to be a classic bit of Toys R Us Report History.  We went Ghost Hunting At The Haunted Toys R Us in Sunnyvale California. Watch this bit from Real People to learn more..

It's all in the episode though. So you can hear it there but it's also fun to watch. Basically it's all haunted up and me an my boy Iceberg Thirteen went down there to see what's what. I'm not a big believer in this sort of thing but we've came up with a recorded that might change my mind! You have to hear it. It's pretty creepy. 

Look dudes, this is going to be something people talk about for years. You wanna be part of that right? Like all cutting edge and in the know as far as what people talk about right? 

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