The Toys R Us Report Episode 54: Robot News 2

Hey kids. Thanks for stopping by. This week we have a super fun show ahead of us. It's just super chocked full of content. We start off with some cool intro type stuff and then move on to a segment on Waterbed Kev and his recent antics in the IWA. That's a play by mail wrestling game that I'm involved in. It's pretty fun.

After that is a pair of movie reviews, one of them is The Green Inferno which I had to go and see on my lonesome and the other is The Martian that the whole family went to. Pretty different flicks huh? I'm gonna tell you all about both of them

Then it's a bit of Robot News where we talk about a recent run in I had with Roomba's parent company iRobot on Twitter. It's a bit fun...We also talk about Roomba's latest release and a battery that I bought on Ebay.. It's better than it sounds

Make sure to stop on by so you can see how you can get up on the incredibly great Toys R Us Report VHS Edition! It's worth looking into. The tape is so much fun and super limited..