Sonoma County Fair 2015 Pics and Thoughts...

It's fair time here in Sonoma County. Prolly everywhere huh? Fairs are cool. They are all like totally the same which is nice but also kind of weird..

This carny here made me laugh. He was totally disinterested in the whole affair. I mean, even more than a normal carny... 

I don't know if being from Neverland Ranch is something worth advertising.. 

Great name for a ride. Starship Exodus! 

A tie in to the Olympic Bobsled fandom...

Everyone likes Music right?

None of these pics are all that great. I mean, they are all right. I really dig the art on rides. IDK, real Americana.

The fair was a fun time. I ate some fish and chips and ate an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. Totally yum..