The Dreadnoks Cycle. Zandar and MonkeyWrench....

I'm a big fan of The Dreadnoks IDK, when I was a kid they just seemed super cool. It must have been the biker thing. I dig Zandar too, that's the dude driving the bike. It's dope how dude has a super tough biker look but also rocks a pink shirt..

That Trident gun is pretty great too. A little unpractical but still. It'd be fun to plug somebody with it. I mean, if you were crazy. Which I imagine MonkeyWrench is. He'd have to be right? You gotta be nuts to roll with the Dreadnoks.. 

MonkeyWrench got smoked in the comics. Totally killed by Tomax. Eliminated as a "loose end" That's gotta suck.