The Toys R Us Report Episode 35: My Little Pony Generation One

Hey kids. I'm not a brony or whatev but I still kind of feel a bit of love for MLP and on this episode I'll tell you all why. It's pretty fun and not at all as weird as you imagine it to be. I don't know man. I just kind of dig a little MLP every once and again and there aint nothing wrong with that.

We are starting the great Summer season of movie time with a bang this week by seeing Mad Max Fury Road and I'll tell you all about it. Well, maybe not ALL about it but I will tell you some of it. That's cool right?

Then it's on to the Retro Toy Marketplace where we talk on and on about Pony Stuff. There is some talk on California's drought in there too. Let me tell you, it pretty much sucks..

It's a great show like always. Make sure to tell a friend.