The Toys R Us Report Episode 33: Adventures At The Dig

Hey kids! We have a super episode of us this week. It's about one of my favorite places to go and rummage through garbage. The Dig! AKA The Goodwill outlet. This is one of my all times favorite episodes.

 It's also the longest one that we've recorded to date! It's a super episode. A Super-Sode! I think that you are gonna dig it the most. We cover the basic topic of what is the dig? How does it work? Who hangs out there? Why do they hang out there? Just generally what is the deal at that wacky place? 

By the time this over you'll be ready to tackle the store yourself!

There's also a movie review. I went to see a joint called Ex Machina and I tell you all about it!

I have a feeling that you are gonna dig this episode so make sure to tell a friend! You'd feel like a real creep if you hurt them by not sharing this with them!