The Toys R Us Report Episode 29: Star Bird By Milton Bradley

This week on the Toys R Us Report we take on a cool toy from the 70's called Star Bird by Milton Bradley Electronics. It was requested by pal of the show Willie from The Colecovisions Podcast

He's  a big fan of these early type electronics toys from MB. I didn't know a lot about Star Bird going in so Willie chips in with a bit of info for us. The first ever "guest" appearance on The Toys R Us Report. It's a lot of fun. You will not be disappointed.

I talk a little about a pal of mine I've lost touch with that was an early adopter of the collector mentality.

Besides that we talk about THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL THE TIMES! Furious 7. It was awesome and I tell you all about it.

I follow some hot tips that take me to a store I didn't even knew carried toys in search of my Sabine Wren Action Figure. Did I find it yet? Tune-in to find out!

There is more blimp talk as well as some neat this and that's thrown in as well. It's a great show like always. Make sure to tell a friend!