The Toy R Us Report Episode 15 For The Week Of Jan 1st 2015

Hey kids! Thanks for stopping by. This week we have a really fun show. We talk about a Spider-Man Store appearance FIASCO! I witnessed. Someone gets the BOZACK! I talk a little bit about a movie that I saw and then it's on to a new segment! The Retro Toy Marketplace where this week we speak on about the current online prices of one of my fave toy lines from the past, Robo Force!

Let ME!! know what you think of the new slice of show. It's in the trial stages so there is still plenty of space of input. Let me know how you feel. 

There's also a neat little bumper from our pal Vic Sage from The Retroist Podcast as well as The Saturday Frights Podcast which if you ask me is the best show on the retro scene today. He's too modest to admit it but the bro is a genius.

It's a super fun show. Make sure to tell a friend! Please. It's super important!