A Very Special Toys R Us Report: The Return Of IseeRobots Radio

Hey kids, were away from the Command Center on official business but I didn't leave you high and dry. I'd never do that. 

Back in the day I used to do another show called IseeRobots Radio. It was a golden age hip hop music show with cool little bits from commercials and whatever thrown in between the tunes. It was pretty fun. So what I did for you guys was I took a bunch of my favorite bits from that show, I called them Retro Remixes, and put together a little mix tape type thing for your listening pleasure.. It's pretty fun. 

There is some GI Joe ads and some movie commercials. It's cool man, some of them you've heard befor but some of them you haven't unless you are an old time listener. I wonder if there are those? I hope so but don't have any evidence that leans in that direction. Bummer. 

Don't sleep on this episode. It's a change of pace but a good one, I think.. Make sure to tell a friend.