Toys R Us Report Episode 7

Hey kids! This week on the show we're gonna talk about all sorts of fun stuff! Halloween, The Ghetto Boys, Willie D and all kinds of toy related shenanigans which of course includes the Breaking Bad VS. Toys R Us Situation.

This week The Retro Toy Roundup focuses like a laser beam onto Remco's Mighty Crusader line of action figures

Man, I used to love them! Were any of you kids into them at all? I had a few and have been on the hunt for more but have only ever seen a handfull at the flea market. They weren't the best figures around by any means but they've always been near and dear to my heart.

After that we move onto The Toys R Us Report and take a look at what I saw this week over at the store!

 There's a review of John Wick in there too. I really dug it and go on about it for a bit. Plus there is a new contest this week and a promise of a better one on the way.

Oh ya, here are those gnarly dog balls that I saw, yuck. These are way more offensive than The Breaking Bad Action Figures IMHO

And here are those neat Mcfarlane Walking Dead playsets. These kind of came out of nowhere. I don't remember hearing about these coming out but here they are...

A fun show like always, please make sure to tell someone who you think might like the show!