The Toys R Us Report Episode 5 For The Week Of Oct 13th 2014


Hey kids! Another week means another fine episode of your favorite podcast and mine, The Toys R Us Report.

This week we tell a few tales from the world at large do a Retro Toy Roundup on The GI Joe Dragonfly and it's pilot Wild Bill.

There's also a breaking news on some stuff that happened last week as well as a rousing round of Fact Or Crap as well as my weekly Toy Shop Breakdown, The Toys R Us Report.

Here is a pic of The Star Wars Black Stormtrooper that I saw at Toys R Us (this is something I talk about for a minute). Another White Whale harpooned, a minor one though..

 I didn't buy it. I'm not that big of a Star War's collector. Sorry guys, it's just true. You can't collect everything.

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