The Toys R Us Report Podcast Episode 3: For The Week Of October 1st 2014

Hey kids, another week, another fun show. This time around I talk about my adventures at The Sacramento Toy Expo and I have a brief review of Kevin Smith's latest joint, Tusk as well as my favorite weekly feature The Toys R Us Report.

It's a good time like always so take a listen. You won't be sorry for long..

Here are the figures I was talking about on the pod. The Jesse Pinkman and The Clay Morrow,, They have nice details but IDK, they don't really do anything for me.

They aren't bad by any means. I just like my toys to be more toy-like. Does that make sense? These are kind of more statue than toy. I'm a little old school in this regard. I'd prefer a less detailed figure than these if it had more durability and flexibility.

Oh ya, during the show I keep calling the convention that I went to :"Sac Con". It's totally not called that, Sac-Con was just sort of a generic term for a con held in Sacramento that  I got used to using, It's actually called The Sacramento Toy Expo. My mistake...