Some Dope Batman Duplos, Dope-los?

I was looking around in the little kid section the other day. Sometimes there are some cool comic book style toys plus it's kind of cool to see what the youth are getting to play with nowadays. I don't know, sometimes you do see some cool things. It's occasionally worth it. This time it was. 

There's something I've noticed about sets like these. If there is a cool minifigure that you want, one that you have to have, like Catwoman or Batgirl they always put it into the largest set available. That way they can charge you an arm and a leg for a 2 dollar action figure. Sneaky fiends. See how this one here costs 50 clams! Outrageous.

Also, is that cute little Catwoman cussin'? Maybe huh? She prolly saw the price of the set. She is super cute though. Not 50 dollars cute but still plenty cute.