90's Public Enemy Merchandise Catalog RAPP STYLE Stuff For Suburban Kids

This past week my mom dropped a bunch of mine and my brother's stuff off in my garage. They are looking to sell the house and move off to new lands. I can dig it. Our town is becoming a bit homogenized.  That's not the point though. When I was digging through the box I found that what you see up there. A super rad Public Enemy Merch Catalog. I don't know if it was mine or my bro's but forever going forward it is mine!

It's so awesome I don't know where to start! If I had this available to me now, at these prices naturally, I'd order everything starting with that PE Biker hat on the bottom of the 3rd page! it's so bad ass. I could also use one of those Coffee Mugs off of the 1st page, and a PE Watch too. I actually have the poster on the bottom of page one. It's hanging in the ISR Command Center as we speak.. 

That's not the actual poster. Mine is much cooler, due to the fact that it is mine and that I've had it since 1990. Dude, that's 24 years! Yikes. 

I'd also dig one of those PE Starter Jackets. I think that I'd actually wear it. Not to work or anything but maybe down to the arcade or Toys R Us, OMG! Those are the places I go! TRU and The ARCADE! What's wrong with me? You know, I heard Rob Zombie say something once like ' I still like the same things I liked as a kid but now I just like them more"

 I think a lot of us out there feel that way, right? It  doesn't make us weird or anything, maybe a bit simple but not really weird right? at least not weird in a dangerous way right?  Right?