Toys R Us Report For Aug 25th 2014

Hey, made it down the the Toys R Us again this time it was right before closing. They were stocking the shelves and everything. The store was totally empty. They didn't close for half an hour so I didn't feel like I was in the way or anything though.

 Not that much new stuff. It's always fun to go over there and see what's what though. You never now if something you want might go on clearance or something. I guess anything is possible. Anyway, let's take a look.

So these guys are new to me. They've had a glow in the dark RoboCop for awhile but this is the first time I recall seeing the normal colored RoboCop. I don't know if I'd buy it but I do like it. They also got some new Walking Dead guys. Dwight is a new character right? Also another Rick Grimes... 

I'm iffy on these 50th Anniversary Joes. What I'd like is if they just made some awesome exact replicas of the Joes from the days of yore. Like 1st or 2nd series dudes just as close as you could get to the originals sculpt wise. That's just me though. I do like Destro but already have a couple different versions of him..

Kinda' Funny. A Red Hulk Mask wearing a Wolverine mask. It's a brown Wolverine mask too which is pretty dope. 

This is neat too. I don't know if it's neat enough to buy but it is neat. It's on sale right now too. Only 40 bucks. I wonder what these cost back in the day. If you know let me know. I'm totally curious. 

They didn't have The Rocket Raccoon Marvel Legend. That's become my new sort of obsession. There was a grip load of Star-Lords and Gamoras. No Novas either. The build a figure for this is Groot. I've heard that it's a really great figure.

My wife thinks these are super cute. I'll prolly pick her up one after a minute and give it to her as a surprise. don't worry she never ever reads my dumb blog. She's totally right though. They are pretty cute.

Here is that Guardians Lego Set that I mentioned last week. The one with The Rocket minifigure and the really big Groot.. 45 bucks though. Jeez, Legos are really expensive... 

Zod has been there for awhile now. I don't know why I haven't picked him up. He's pretty neat. Looks a lot like Terrance Stamp if you get close up to his grill..

Anyway, that's about it. I've been meaning to get to the TRU a few towns over. Let's hope I can do it this week. They are a little more upscale then my little village and the TRU stocks the shelves accordingly. Lots of upscale more expensive crud.. 


  1. Been raccoon hunting for weeks with no luck. Plenty of Starlord and Iron Man, an ocassional Gamora or Drax and one Nova.

    I think that LEGO set is $40 in a regular store.

    I have one of the plush Rockets, he's cool. I've also seen another version which is more of a character pillow buddy.


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