The Mystery Warehouse Mystery :SOLVED

There was this warehouse in a residential area of my town. Its kind of an anomalie. There isn't anything else like it anywhere around it. It's been a mystery to me for years. I'd walked by it a million times in the past and never once saw it's door open. I wanted to see what was in there so bad.

 It;s a bit legendary around here, really everyone wanted to know what was inside and most had their own theories.. Some people said collector cars, some thought that it was construction equipment. Turns out what was in there was a bunch of junk.

Ok, so  I guess dude was a bit of a seller, like the kind of guy that buys lots of stuffs and the warehouse was where he kept his extra crud, and crud it was. 

What happened was that the city condemned the place so homie's relatives organized a big yard sale. I was pretty excited. It was like " I shall finally see the insides of this place" I was stoked. Turns out that it wasn't really worth it. There was some decent furniture like items and some toys but all the toys were opened and played with which is ok but this stuff was thrashed. 

I did find that Ghostbusters Pencil Sharpener Happy Meal prize. It's from 1984 which makes it from the first movie right?

 It's cool but not so cool that in a warehouse full of stuff it should be the coolest thing. 

Oh well, it was still fun to see inside and the pencil sharpener is pretty neat. It's a bit rusty though but I don't really think I'll be sharpening many pencils with it. I don't think I've used a pencil in days anyway, I do use pens sometimes but not even that much really...Weird.