Parachuting Santa From Santa's World, He Barely Escaped With His Life.

This isn't the greatest toy or anything, it's actually kind of lame but what I like about it is that it opens the question of if the 'Chute is for him to jump down to places that he can't land at, and if that's the case how does he get back up to the sleigh if he couldn't land or is it for emergency evacuation in case of a crash? 

My gut says that it's the second option in which case it makes you look at the drawing on the card in a whole new light. What happened and this is just conjecture at this point is that the sleigh has gone down and Santa isn't waving HELLO! He's waving for HELP! He does look a little distressed now that I'm looking at it a bit closer. What a disturbing toy to give a kid. Santa did save the toys at least. That counts for something.