Video Store Stickers: Eastern Video

This guy here was donated by a good dude over on a VHS Forum, members only type deal that I hang out at sometimes. It's a good place to sell tapes and such. Anyway, he posted this and I had to have it for here. It is just so great. 

Look at it in all it's glory. "Specializes In Black, Gospel, Karate, and Hard To Find Totals" So cool. That's just about every important category outside of "Erotic Thrillers".

I don't know if this is THE Eastern Video but it's a good picture at any rate..
I wonder what the make up of the store was? Do you think it had tons of stuff in those above groups but no so much other stuff? Maybe. Maybe it was a really big location with the normal stuff that a store had, Drama, Comedy etc plus tons of Black and Karate flicks. 

Also, Gospel? I have never seen that as a category before. I'm not even sure that I've ever seen like a gospel concert or anything at the store. I guess that's why Eastern decided to corner the market 

This video here is from the Karate section. You can see that over on the left. I'm a detective.